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BBB building supplies store online - thank you for visiting. Plastering machines, mortar, mixing and screed pumps, equipment for mixing pumps and plastering technology, spare parts and wear parts for mortar and plaster machines and a selected assortment of professional building supplies, craftsman equipment and constructional tools that's our offerings for you. Products for construction industry and equipment for mixing and conveying pumps, plastering machines, mortar and screed pumps easily orderd with a reliable delivery.
Our standard is the practice at construction site, with more than 20 years of experiences with construction machines and materials. That's why we are glad to offer you our assortment of products in a modern and well-structured online store.
For plasterer, screed layer and many other professionals at construction business, our online store for construction machines, construction site equipment and building supplies is the right address for professional machines, equipment and tools. The product range includes rotors and stators, mixing and dosing shafts, mortar pressure hoses, fine plaster spraying tools, fine plaster spraying nozzles, water pressure pumps, compressors or cleaning tools like cleaning shafts, hose cleaning sponge balls and other professional construction machine equipment. Also you can find professional construction machines like plaster pumps, mortar pumps, screed pumps and mixing, conveying and pumping technology.

Quality and a promt processing of orderings that's the principle for handling. We wish that you can be satisfied with your order at the BBB building supplies store online anytime. More information about our construction machines, spare parts, wear parts and mixing and mortar pump equipment you can find at Nice to meet you there.